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Shokkino ... *///*
ran_stellina85 wrote in ranstellina85
A wall about Sho ...too sexyyyy!!!

Credit scan "http://chaix2.vox.com/"

A banner...

Aibacippi >< Love-man!!!
A wall...

A banner...

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*drools* :D~
taking Sho's wallie & some banners..
i like the colour you chose for the background.. perfectly fits the (gorgeous) main pics..
i hope you can understand what i'm saying even though i'm not good in describing it XD haha..

thank u for sharing :)

yes yes yes.. I understand ... thank you so much.. ^^

I'm taking your first Sho wall paper. And can I also use your Aiba banner with rose? I think I'm in love...

Credits for sure,
thank you very much for sharing!

No problem ... it's here for everybody ^O^

took Sho´s Walli ♥_♥

instantly fell in love with it. I´m propably taking the other Wallis and banners too. thanks you !!!

wow, this looks so good...thanks for sharing ne

i really like aiba's wallpaper! it's really nice..i take it! thank you for sharing.. :)

(Deleted comment)
Grazie mille alechan *///* prometto che mi meterò più d'impegno (e di tempo) XD ovviamente ti passerò anche in provato se vuoiXD

kya!! i just love sho's pic in beautiful days.:D

thanks for sharing!

kyaaaaa the fisrt one with sho....its driving me crazy....soooo hot!!......thanks for sharing :D mille grazie

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